Author: Jayson Haley

Riverside Revelry: Independent Whitewater Festival-Style Camping Unveils ‘More Miles, More Smiles’ Experience with the Miracle Mile Rapids Bonus!

Salida, CO, January 29, 2023 – Independent Whitewater, a leading adventure company, is thrilled to share its much-anticipated Riverside Revelry Festival-style camping experience. This unique adventure promises outdoor enthusiasts an unforgettable combination of thrilling whitewater rafting, delectable food and drink by the river, and the added bonus of conquering the legendary Miracle Mile Rapids. Known for their…

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Independent Whitewater Shares Exclusive Private Property Rafting Experience: More Miles, More Smiles!

Salida, CO, January 24, 2023 — Independent Whitewater, a leading name in the adventure sports industry, proudly shares its unparalleled white water rafting experience set on exclusive private property. More Miles, More Smiles, this groundbreaking venture promises adventure enthusiasts an extraordinary journey filled with thrills, scenic beauty, and the joy of conquering challenging rapids. Key Highlights…

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